Urgent need for DONATIONS to support Mosul surge aid relief:  You can help reduce medical aid shortfalls in Kurdistan (Northern Iraq).

The 1st NAEF has partnered with Care Convoy to deliver collected medical supplies and equipment to help relieve the shortfalls in Iraqi aid.  Your donation will help us ship and distribute approximately $500,000 USD worth of medical aid and equipment directly where it is needed most!

This shipment will go directly towards helping Yezidi medial assets increase their ability to provide medical care and treatments in a critical time of need.  Help us reach those most in need today.

Quick Facts
In Iraq there are (as of 20 October 2016):
- 10 Million + in dire need of assistance. 
- 3.5 Million Internally Displaced Persons (before the start of Mosul operations).
- Potential for an additional 1.5 Million IDP's to arise from Mosul operations.
- Medical facility shortages are critical.
- Medical equipment shortages are critical. 
- Medications shortages are critical. 
- Psychological treatment needs are paramount. 
- There are currently only 60,000 beds available for displaced persons, with 1/4 million additional spaces in various stages of planning or construction. 

We feel that the level of preparation and response to catastrophic humanitarian situations like in Iraq is not good enough... This is the 21st Century and we owe humanity better than what we are seeing today. Help us reduce some of these shortfalls by donating to Crate for Care today!

To donate to Crate-for-Care, or to learn more about our project, please click the poster image, click here, or go to www.gofundme.com/crate-for-care and help make a difference. 

The Lost Boys of Shengal

The Lost Boys of Shengal.png

Who are they?

  • Yezidi captives of ISIS.
  • The sons of murdered fathers.
  • The sons of captured and traded sex slaves.
  • Boys 5 – 16 years old.

What happened to them?

  • Ripped away from their childhood.
  • Forced to witness the murder or their family and people, and the rapes of their mothers and sisters. 
  • Tortured, raped, abused they would become themselves.
  • Forced to convert to the most radical interpretations of Islam.
  • Forced to undergo militarized training in weapons, hand to hand combat, and tactics, and in some cases, forced commit heinous murders and crimes against others, or at worse their own family members.
  • Indoctrinated to be fighters loyal to the Islamic Caliphate above all else.
  • Many as young as 6 years old.

What have we done?

First, we recognized the dire need to help these young victims.  While the world is focused on the very real and critical needs of women victims of ISIS horrors, we saw that these boys were being forgotten, poised to truly become the “lost” of their generation.

Working through established relationships with Yezidi community leaders The 1st NAEF undertook:

  • Conduct of targeting analysis within Kurdistan.
  • Selection of focused target group (boys under 16).
  • Establishment of relationships with members of the target group.
  • Initial mapping of radicalization exposure methods used against the target group.
  • Initial mapping of other potential impacting factors.
  • Defined potential solutions concepts, methodologies, and programs.
  • Defined intersections and potential alignment with other 1st NAEF civil-development programs for the Yezidi community.

What are we going to do to help them?

Our goal is for this project not only help Yezidi boys recover from the wounds of indoctrination and radicalization and to live a full, peaceful, and happy life; we also intend to use the best practices and lessons learned throughout this project to help better inform current and future research into youth de-radicalization.

We will do this by creating and deliver programs that support positive reintegration of these bright young boys back into Yezidi society.  

Donate today to help The 1st NAEF save boys like Zaid. 

The 1st NAEF

Donating to The 1st NAEF

While it is not everyone’s dream to pack a small bag and to work focused development and aid programs in disaster and conflict zones globally, it is ours.  Our programs and concepts are founded on the knowledge that we can make a difference on the ground.  Our methods work to enhance the effectiveness of other humanitarian, aid, and security forces towards stabilizing, protecting, and keeping their populations safe in a manner that fosters long term stability.  The 1st NAEF has created a respected network of professionals and partners to deliver our projects in the most challenging environments globally.  

We cannot continue to do this alone, we need your generosity to help us do what we do best; help people where it is needed the most.  

The 1st NAEF is a Canadian registered non-profit, and a Kurdistan registered NGO. 

With your donation to our mission we can help to restore hope, safety and freedom of conscience to suffering and vulnerable populations worldwide.

Monthly giving is a great option.  It allows you to spread your support in times of fiscal responsibility and gives us a dependable base of funding to execute our mission and is convenient and easy for you to set up.  You can choose several methods of donation, depending on your preferences.  

Thank you for your continued support!

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