Seeking non food item aid, Equipment and supply Donations for worldwide distribution to suffering and vulnerable populations. 


INTERNALLY displaced persons/refugee AID DONATIONS

  • Educational supplies (Pre-loaded backpacks). 
  • Individual - Community Water Filtration. 
  • Solar Light/Charger (WakaWaka is a great example). 
  • Support Program Funding. 
  • Innovative Food Supply Solutions.



Medical supplies and equipment are needed to support all foreign operations of The 1st.

We are seeking donations of new, prototype, or certified refurbished medical diagnostics and patient monitoring equipment, surgical and sterilization equipment, and bulk/surplus supplies to equip and increase medical readiness. 

Medical Supplies
  • Medical Care Clinics
  • Bulk Medical Supplies
  • Surgical Suites
  • ICU and Recovery
  • Neonatal Care
  • Psychological Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Prosthetic Fitting and Support  



Individual First Aid Kits

Our First Aid for Crisis and Disaster Response training programs provide successful candidates with an Individual First Aid Kit to take home.  These kits become life saving supplies to trained aid providers when seconds count.  

  1. (4)   Nitrile Glove
  2. (1)   Tourniquet, Wide
  3. (1)   Modular Bandage, 4"X8'
  4. (2)   Compressed Gauze
  5. (1)   Decompression Needle, 14gx3.25"
  6. (1)   Halo Chest Seal, (2/Pk)
  7. (1)   Nasopharyngeal Airway W/ Lube, 28 Fr
  8. (1)   Oropharyngeal Airway, 100 Mm
  9. (1)   Burn Jel, 3.5 G
  10. (1)   Cloth Tape, 1"X10 Yd.
  11. (2)  Sterile Gauze Pad, 4"X4"
  12. (1)   Emt Shears, 7.25"
  13. (1)   Permanent Marker
  14. (1)   Casualty Care Card
  15. (1)   Casualty Reference Card

Contact us today if you would like to donate supplies or equipment to our life saving efforts!