Humanitarian Relief

Humanitarian Relief Teams focus on assisting vulnerable populations impacted by war, instability, and natural disasters. Programs are designed to work in partnership and collaboration with governmental entities and other NGOs responding to humanitarian crises across the globe. The 1st NAEF supports strong Humanitarian Relief objectives of:

      Timely and comprehensive protection of civilians in accordance with international humanitarian and human rights law when crisis and disaster strike.

      Facilitating crisis and disaster recovery by increasing capacity for the timely recovery and restoration of infrastructure and vital public services, while facilitating programs that strengthen the self-sufficiency and sustainment of resiliency for affected communities.

      Supporting governments, international bodies, and NGO’s in the delivery of essential public services for vulnerable populations in the areas of food security, clean water, power generation, sustainable food production, education and the delivery of essential non-food related items such as clothing, shelter, lighting, and communications.

      Enhancing the security and safety perceptions, practices, and cultures of humanitarian responders working in crisis and disaster areas to influence increased operational capacity and efficiency. 

Humanitarian Need

Our teams tailor and deliver the most effective solutions possible to provide populations with aid and assistance such as:


      Food rations.

      Vital non-food items.

      Temporary shelter and mid-term housing.

      Safe drinking water.

      Sanitation services.

      Micro community-power generation.

      Access to education and protected learning.

      Psycho-social support.

      Sustainable community. development.

      Logistics and emergency communications.

      Protection of the cultural heritage sites.

    Aid delivery safety measures and risk reduction practices.