Peace Support and Public Safety

A main focus of The 1st NAEF is regional stability in conflict zones. We see that comprehensive local capacity development in defence, public safety and security, emergency and aid response, and critical infrastructure protection, that are fully integrated and complimentary to social and community support services are key to sustained peace.

The foundational premise is that if the apparatus for public safety and security, and emergency response services, are functioning in a cohesive and professional manner, the risks associated with high-effect harm instances and further instability against local populations are reduced to a more normal, predictable and manageable level. Our teams are ready to deliver country specific programming in areas of:

      Rapid Response Teams

      Stability Operations Coordination

      Systems Integration

      Emergency Management

      Critical Infrastructure Protection

Peace Support

      Border Protection and Management

      Law Enforcement Development

      Civ-Mil Bridging Operations

      Cyber Security

      Analysis and Assessment

      Investigative and Forensics

      Fire and Rescue Development

      Crisis Planning and Preparation